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FNI meets with international delegations from Cameroon, Colombia, and Côte D'Ivoire at the 52nd Annual AQTR Conference in Montreal

Plenary session at the 52nd Annual AQTR Conference

Plenary session at the 52nd Annual AQTR Conference

Fireseeds North Infrastructure attended the 52nd Annual Conference of the AQTR (Quebec Transportation Association) in Montreal, Canada, at the beginning of April. The conference gathers all of the major jurisdictions, government agencies and transportation firms that are involved in the development of the transportation sector in the Province of Quebec. At this year's conference, international delegates from Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, and Côte d'Ivoire were also present to exchange best practices, expertise, and lessons learned with their Quebec counterparts. Fireseeds North Infrastructure met with a number of delegates from these countries to learn more about the current state of their transportation infrastructure networks and their approaches to road safety for all users. We look forward to visiting the delegations' countries to collaborate with them on their journey towards safer and more inclusive transportation networks.

Paul Anderson-Trocme