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Fireseeds North Road Safety Engineering Team Overview


Craig Milligan, P.Eng., senior road safety engineer, is the principal of Fireseeds North and is primarily responsible for the delivery of all projects and training. On a case by case basis, Craig is supported by a number of part-time associates noted below. For more information on Craig, please visit him on LinkedIN or see our home page.

Associates - Part Time

  • Wally Hidinger, P.Eng. has 45 years experience in every aspect of transportation engineering. After retiring as the director of Transportation Engineering for Yukon Highways and Public Works, he joined Fireseeds North as a part-time senior transportation engineer with a focus on the safety dimensions of rural transportation projects. Based in Whitehorse, Yukon.

  • Dan Buhler has 40 years experience in managing large IT systems, the bulk of this within government transportation agencies. After retiring as the director of IT for Manitoba Infrastructure, he joined Fireseeds North as a part-time senior IT specialist, with a focus on the use of IT tools in management systems. He is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Yongsheng Chen, P.Eng. has 25 years experience in advanced road safety engineering. He has a Ph.D. in road safety modeling from Ryerson University, where he studied with Dr. Bhagwant Persaud, one of the top road safety professors in the world. Dr. Chen was senior road safety engineer for the City of Edmonton before joining Fireseeds North with a focus on audits, in-service road safety reviews, and road safety network screening projects. He is based in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Mustapha Azzouzi, P.Eng., has 10 years experience in road safety engineering. He has a master’s degree in road safety from a prestigious joint program of St Joseph’s University Beirut and Renault Foundation of Paris. Mustapha is a frequent consultant to the World Bank for road safety projects in North Africa, francophone sub-saharan Africa, and the Middle East. Mustapha works part-time as a senior road safety engineer with Fireseeds North for our projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and Quebec. He is based in Rabat, Morocco.

  • Loren Dueck, Patrick Corcoran, and Mahmoud Kalash are deep learning computer vision engineers. They work full time for MicroTraffic, a technology company affiliated with Fireseeds North. They support Fireseeds North projects that involve a computer vision element for road safety diagnostics. Through Fireseeds North, they can also provide training and advice to traffic management centers on strategies to leverage deep learning computer vision techniques in their operations. They are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Joel Penner, EIT, is a full-time operations research engineer at MicroTraffic, a technology company affiliated with Fireseeds North. He has expertise in operations, traffic, and road safety engineering. He is available to play a supporting role on road Fireseeds North road safety projects that involve a video analytics component. He also manages a team of 16 data technicians at MicroTraffic who can support manual data review tasks on Fireseeds North projects. He is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Joining the team

  • If you are a road safety engineer with a strong reputation and would like to practice on a part-time basis affiliated with a specialized road safety firm, please reach out to discuss potential arrangements:

  • We are not presently growing our team with EITs, recent graduates, or full-time consultants.


  • The following exceptional individuals did EIT training at Fireseeds North and made a huge impact here before transitioning to new roles:

    • Rebecca Peterniak, M.Sc., P.Eng. completed more than 100 safety studies at Fireseeds North before joining the City of Winnipeg as a Community Traffic Engineer. At the city, she is a tremendous technical resource for road safety leadership. Rebecca is a multi-award winning young professional.

    • Mark Hearson, M.Sc., EIT, MBA worked with Fireseeds North after completing his MBA as an Oxford Rhodes Scholar. With Fireseeds North, he completed dozens of road safety engineering studies and provided management system advisory services for infrastructure portfolios worth more than $100 billion. Mark is now a transport infrastructure specialist at Stantec, contributing to a progressive transport planning practice. Mark is now vice-chair of the Transportation Association of Canada Asset Management Task Force.

    • Paul Anderson-Trocmé, M.Eng., P.Eng. joined Fireseeds North after starting his career at Accenture. Like Mark, he completed dozens of road safety engineering studies and provided management system consulting to transportation agencies. He also undertook numerous Intelligence Transportation System studies. Paul is now working as a Risk Control Consultant with AON.