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FNI seeking beta test partners for video conflict analysis

Fireseeds North Infrastructure is seeking 8 beta test partners who would like to apply video conflict analysis (VCA) software to strengthen a road safety study. A program of the Canadian federal government is providing cost sharing for the beta-tests. 

Common road safety studies that could be selected for the beta-test include:

In-Service Road Safety Review (ISRSR)
An in-depth engineering study of an existing road facility with the purpose of identifying cost-effective countermeasures that would improve road safety and operations of all road users. VCA complements traditional collision analysis and is applied for advanced evaluation of specific conflict types.  

Road Safety Audit (RSA)
An in-depth and independent engineering study of a future road facility to estimate potential issues and identify opportunities for improvements in safety for all users. VCA application can be structured as a before-after evaluation by including VCA in the pre-design and post-opening stages, or included at the construction stage in a work zone safety audit.

Before-and-After Study
Study to quantify the change in safety performance associated with the installation of a new treatment. VCA allows for rapid before-after evaluation.

Next steps:

Jurisdictions interested in participating in the beta tests should contact Craig Milligan to obtain more details and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to hold 1 of the 8 available beta test spots (3 spots are already allocated).  Selection of a road safety study and study location will follow.


C Milligan