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Representing CARSP at the Global Meeting of the Alliance of Road Safety NGOs in Morocco

Rebecca Peterniak of Fireseeds North was among the 170 delegates from 52 countries representing 100 NGOs who gathered in Marrakech, Morocco on March 13 and 14, 2015, for the 4th Global Meeting of the Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. The Alliance and Global Meeting provide a worldwide forum for NGOs to share best practices, programs, and collectively advocate for road safety and the rights of road victims. Rebecca represented the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP) at the Global Meeting; she is an ex-officio member of CARSP’s Board of Directors.

An exhibition hall featured over 100 posters of best practices from NGOs in 52 countries. CARSP’s poster covered what the organization does (road safety news, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and developing future leaders through the Canadian Road Safety Youth Committee), how to get involved through membership and partnership, and a summary of their best practices from the multidisciplinary annual CARSP conference. The poster exhibit was opened by Dr. Mohamed Najib Boulif, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Transport, Equipment and Logistics in charge of transport, Morocco.

Rebecca Peterniak presenting CARSP poster at 4th Global Meeting of the Alliance of Road Safety NGOs

Poster exhibit at 4th Global Meeting of the Alliance of Road Safety NGOs

Panel discussions and sessions included a spirited discussion on NGO work funded by the alcohol industry (this resulted in the decision to develop a guideline for NGO collaboration with the alcohol industry), high level planning for NGO activities during the Ministerial Meeting in Brazil 2015, good NGO-government-corporate partnerships, and planning for the #SaveKidsLives campaign during the 3rd UN Global Road Safety Week from May 4th to 10th. Delegates received a surprise visit from a group of local Moroccan grade-school students who sang a road safety song and proudly displayed placards indicating why they signed up to #SaveKidsLives.

Panel discussion on good NGO-government-corporate partnerships


There were plenty of networking opportunities throughout the event: during the poster exhibit, in breakout sessions, on a guided tour of Marrakech, and at the closing gala dinner. A truly international event, Rebecca was able to connect with road safety NGOs from across the globe: Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Canada, United States, Italy, Iran, Gambia, India, Benin, Australia, Argentina, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Cote d’Ivoire, Georgia, Romania, Kenya, among others. These connections broadened CARSP’s network for sharing international information, research, best practices, and developing partnerships. 

All delegates participated in drafting the Alliance Marrakech Declaration which calls for NGOs to be consulted in implementing evidence based programs. The Declaration was handed over to Mr. Aziz Rabbah, the Minister of Transport, Equipment and Logistics, Morocco, at the close of the conference.


We call for safe roads for all and compassion, care and support for victims of road crashes. NGOs are part of the solution and call on governments and stakeholders to partner with NGOs to implement evidence –based solutions.

Rebecca Peterniak