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City of Winnipeg selects Fireseeds North for Road Safety Audit of Preliminary Design for Proposed Waverley Underpass

The proposed Waverley underpass is at preliminary design stage to be considered for future funding and implementation. The main purpose of the proposed underpass is to relieve congestion and reliability issues associated with frequent at-grade train crossings on the rail tracks south of Taylor Ave. The study area for the multi-million dollar project includes five signalized intersections and several blocks of high-speed urban arterial roadway.

A road safety audit is often implemented at various design stages of large civil engineering projects (planning, functional design, preliminary design, detailed design, pre-opening, and in-service). It is an independent analysis of the site and design documents by a team of road safety experts operating exclusively from a road safety perspective. The audit can identify suggestions and opportunities for a design team to consider in light of multiple other complex design constraints. 

Many road agencies make a practice of regularly including road safety audits on all larger projects. Road safety audits are a component of an agency's proactive and quantitative road safety management program.

C Milligan