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Presenting on Manitoba's Road Safety Tools at ITE MB Section Lunch on February 26

The ITE MB Section Lunch at the Round Table on February 26 will feature a presentation by Fireseeds North staff member Craig Milligan, P.Eng. (time: 12PM, cost: $20, registration not required).

Craig’s presentation, entitled “What you need to know about Manitoba’s Safety Performance Functions and Network Screening Tools”, introduces tools developed for MIT that will form an important part of safety management and project work going forward. Manitoba is the third provincial-level jurisdiction to adopt the state-of-the-art tools, which are also used by several Canadian municipalities and many U.S. jurisdictions. Development of these tools represents a core component of Manitoba’s Traffic Safety Action Plan. The tools are the starting point to answer questions such as:

  • What is the anticipated safety effect of a design element and is it justified?
  • Where should annual in-service road safety reviews be completed?
  • How effective are individual safety treatments in Manitoba?
  • What safety investments will provide maximum benefit for a road safety budget?

The presentation will conclude with a discussion on how the tools were used to design and launch the Manitoba In-Service Road Safety Review Pilot Program.


Craig Milligan, P.Eng., works in road safety and asset management at Fireseeds North Infrastructure. His nine years of professional experience include five in engineering and four in non-profit project management; he worked for KGS Group Consulting Engineers, the Province of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba, and the World Bank prior to founding Fireseeds North Infrastructure. He is currently technical lead for the Google Glass In-Service Road Safety Review Pilot Program (41 reviews at 8 jurisdictions), project manager for Yukon Government’s Asset Management Program Development, and prioritization advisor to CH2M Hill on the 680 km Klondike Highway Functional Plan.

C Milligan