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Google Glass – Graduating from Google[x] labs

Google announced on January 15, 2015 that it is graduating the technology from the Glass Explorer Program to the Nest for further development. Tony Fadell, former Apple executive closely associated with the creation of the iPod, will lead the development team at the Nest. This change marks a shift in the immediate vision for Google Glass application: from use by the general public as a gadget accessory, to use by professionals within their occupation for specific purposes.

Closing the Explorer Program means that the Glass will not be available for individuals to purchase for everyday use. The Glass will continue to be available through developers who are customizing the technology for commercial and industrial applications, such as VisualSpection and Fireseeds North for In-Service Road Safety Review applications.

Phase 2 registration for our In-Service Review Pilot Project using Google Glass is now open. Participating jurisdictions will receive actionable engineering reports on realistic safety improvements to be made while also helping to test a technology that can leverage greater efficiency, insight, and collaboration in the road safety process. Reviews will occur during the summer of 2015.

C Milligan